What does the Soldier do in Sector 4 if he has a Problem with his Duties or in his Personal Life that he cannot solve alone?

1.This article was originally written in English by Padre Alex (in summer 1999) - nevertheless it was translated and published in the "Blue Beret" in German. Here you find my original version about the requested topic, valid for "our sector 4" within UNFICYP - you feel also "back" (in) the "old" times of our mission ... ?

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         "If the soldier has a duty problem and has confidence in his commander(s), it would seem most appropriate that the conflict should be discussed with him first or with the CSM. If the soldier does not feel comfortable to use this avenue to resolve his problem, the Chaplain of sector 4 is always available to explore solutions even if intervention with the CO is necessary. As examples for duty problems we can mention: scapegoating or isolating a particular soldier from a certain branch or using higher rank excessively or showing disrespect to soldiers of lower rank not giving them the proper rewards for the work they do. In some cases it would be appropriate to seek medical advice especially where a soldier feels depressed or lacks self-confidence. With the soldier's permission it may be necessary that the Chaplain and the medical doctor share these problems and their skills to resolve the problem. If there are private problems at home or on the Island, it is expected that the soldier would attempt to seek support from his friends and comrades of his own rank.

         A soldier can be assured that whatever he discusses with the Chaplain, will be kept in strict confidence and he will take no action that would be unacceptable to the soldier nor any action without the soldier's full knowledge and consent. This includes the sharing of confidential information. As examples for private problems we can mention: confusion about our mission in Cyprus, family problems at home or on the Island, pregnancy of girl friends or uncertainty about the meaning of life itself. The Padre of sector 4, Chaplain Alexander PYTLIK, does not consider himself as a professional psychologist, but mainly as a comrade, who looks to deepen first the personal faith and to look for peaceful solutions in resolving any problem. His first duty as a Catholic priest is to live and announce the message of the Catholic Christianity in a believable way. He is responsible for the religious instruction of the Catholic soldiers (Austrians, Hungarians, Slovenians) and their families and because of the absence of other denominational Chaplains he is also available to all soldiers no matter what their beliefs. Certainly he is responsible at the request of the commanders for moral instruction in life skills and he will be available for day to day contact with individual soldiers to get to know them personally. It is important to note that Padre Pytlik does not subscribe to modern psychological methods which sometimes seek immoral solutions to problems, for example abortion which always means killing most innocent human life. The Chaplain wants to emphasise clearly, that everybody can come with any problem at any time. In case of religious questions and problems, the interested soldier will contact the Padre directly.

         Besides the Roman-catholic Chaplain, within sector 4 we like to inform you that there are two medical doctors (one Austrian and one Hungarian) and that there is also the welfare sector with one officer and two NCO's (one Austrian and one Hungarian), who are responsible for organising holidays and recreation. The Padre of Sector 4 does not see the need to have a professional psychologist for the UNAHSB."

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